Shala temporarily closed due to measures preventing the spread of COVID-19

We’re closing the shala from now on until 19.04 by mandate from the Senate.

Let’s keep our spirits high, focus and calm. We ask from you to keep up with practice during these turbulent times, it’s when we need it the most. We will be here for you, please reach to us by email with any doubt you might have during this time, we will be happy to assist and support you. This is an important opportunity for you to reach inwards for inner strength knowing we’re supported by our sangha, our community, we’re not alone.

Being able to keep up the practice in solitude is the quality of a mature practice. Do anything you can, don’t aim for big or the whole series. Do what you can at that moment. Try to develop a ritual. Practice at the same time every day if possible, sit for a moment, build a small altar with things that matter to you and spark devotion in you. Sit for a moment, feel your breath. Start slowly with sun salutes and see where it takes you. Commit to standing on your mat every day. This will be your tapas and your anchor.

As you know, we have no contracts and we’re not a big studio. This for us, as you can imagine, it’s unsustainable economically. We understand lots of us are freelancers as we are but if you are not in that situation, and you’re still able to work from home and still get your salary, we kindly ask you to help us during this month buying a voucher from us as credit for futures classes.

We send you a big virtual hug and we are going to miss you all so much!

Much love,

Matias & Carola