Summer Ashtanga Yoga Retreat

AUGUST 4-8, 2021

Ashtanga Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat

This will be an opportunity to retreat and have some time apart from our daily routine. We intend to share how we bring yoga into our daily lives. To share our lifestyle as an ashtangi family, our habits and practices. How to develop a sustainable practice, that nourishes and permeates into all aspects of your life.

One of the most important concepts we’ve been developing in our retreats within Thich Nhat Hanh tradition, is to learn how to relate with others and see ourselves reflected in each other and learn how to see the engagement in action as an opportunity to deepen our practice.

We will have daily sessions of seated meditation in the morning and evening but we will also share the practice of walking, eating and working meditation. This working meditation will be about we, as a group, will be in charge of cooking some of the meals. No service but workgroup. We can all bring to the table our different bits of knowledge about food, nutrition, and traditions. Let’s learn to cooperate and work as a group.

The day will be divided between Ashtanga yoga Mysore-style sessions, pranayama and study/talks in the afternoon. There will also be plenty of time to rest, relax, and enjoy the art of doing nothing. Make time in our lives, create space in the body, silence in the mind to learn to deeply listen to what’s inside and around us.

Arrival: Wednesday, August 4th, from 3 pm.

Departure: Sunday, August 8th,  after brunch.


Workshop fee + 5 DAYS (4 NIGHTS) accommodation in a 3-room or double room + Vegetarian/vegan full board: €540. EARLY BIRD until 22/06: €490.

Social option:
Workshop fee + 5 DAYS (4 NIGHTS) accommodation in TENT + Vegetarian/vegan full board: €390. EARLY BIRD until 22/06: €350.

We are very happy to accommodate children as well, free of charge up to 3 years old and 60% of the fee up to 9 years old.

Photo credit: Janine Sametzky


Courtyard project in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

A lovingly renovated country idyll near the Stettiner Haffs with huge grounds, woods and lake just around the corner.

Arrival is possible by train, bike or car.


Note: The navigation system guides you to the wrong position in the city. It is displayed correctly on this Google link:


The RE 3 drives all the way from Berlin to Ducherow, the cheapest way to get there is with two tickets: You can get together and buy a Berlin-Brandenburg ticket for up to 5 people to Jatznick station and then you only have to buy one ticket each from Jatznick to Ducherow. From Ducherow it is a 10 min car ride by taxi or carpooling of 10 minutes to get to NONNA.


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