Workshop “Qualities of the Breath”


Do you know your breath? How much attention do you pay to your breath? Do you know how the inhalation and exhalation relate to each other? How familiar are you with the distinct patterns of your own breath? Does it change? When? Can you control it? Should you?

The breath is so subtle and at the same time so physical that we can set a bridge to connect our mind, emotions and our body. Awaken to the inherent connections between them. You can get to know much more about your mind and yourself through your own breath.

In the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, our main point of observation is the breath and it’s a very powerful tool in the asana practice.

We will do different exercises to recognize all these patterns and we’ll develop a set of practice for you to keep on practicing on your own.

COST 30 euros

When: November 4th (10-12 hrs)

– No solid foods and liquids 2 hrs before.
– This is not a course for complete beginners in the Ashtanga Yoga method. If you would like to attend and never practiced before, it’s advisable you come before to our Mysore classes.