Yoga Sutra study group

Chanting & Philosophy course

LIVE & ONLINE + recording + notes

One monthly encounter during a six-months course to dive deep into the philosophy of yoga. We will learn to chant the Patanjali Yoga Sutra, as traditionally taught through Srutiparampara, and we will discuss its concepts on how to apply them to our practice, in and outside the mat.

The repeated browsing mentally of the sutras’ ambiance (manana), in a certain state of mental quietude, will help in getting a flash of the real meaning and also produce what we can call a three-dimensional understanding. Chanting and memorizing is vital for our knowledge to become wisdom. Whatever texts you study, chanting reveals itself to you in time. It is a kind of tapas, where we bring the physical mind, the rational mind and the emotional mind to a single point. There, not just understanding, but revelation, happens!

Chanting aloud helps in clearing the voice and lungs, and it helps you to listen to your own voice. Repeating the same word sequence helps the mind to remember the text easily. The mind has a fantastic capability to remember the sequence of words and sentences even without knowing their meaning. This builds a link between different cells in the brain. In this age of visual predominance, this practice hones the listening skills tremendously. It brings total attention in listening. It brings perfection in pronouncing the text. It utilizes all the vocal organs, improves memory and works to extend the breath fully, leading to pranayama and a deep, meditative state. Just the sequence and combination of syllables and the vibrations produced transforms the personality.


Duration: 6 months (May-Oct)

Methodology: 1 Sunday every month from 11:30-14:00

  • 11:30 Chanting
  • – 15′ Break –
  • 12:30 Theory

Fee:  Shala students – Full workshop (6 sessions) €180 / drop-in €35 

Non-Shala Students – Full workshop (6 sessions) €200 / drop-in €40

May 8 – 1st Class: 1.1-1.12 sutra (Samadhi Pada). Theory and discussion about the presentation of Yoga, the meaning, the true nature, the seer, the mind, its different changing states, pramana, viparyaya, vikalpa, nidra, smrtayah and how to still these states of mind.

5th June – 2nd Class: 1.13-1.22 (Samadhi Pada). Theory and discussion about how to get a firm and established practice. Dispassion and indifference to the gunas, samprajnata and asamprajnata samadhis.

3rd July – 3rd Class: 1.23-1.32 (Samadhi Pada). Theory and discussion about Ishvara-pranidhanad va, the Lord. The teacher of Ancients. The mystical syllable om. The disturbances or distractions for the mind and how to eliminate these disturbances.

—————————————-Summer break——————————————-

21th August – 4th Class: 1.33-1.40 (Samadhi Pada). Theory and discussion about which are the different ways to increase lucidity and stabilize the mind through (maitri-karuna-mudito-peksanam), pranayama, focus on a sense object. Also how to steady the mind.

18th September – 5th Class: 1.41-1.51 (Samadhi Pada). Theory and discussion about Samapatti, savitarka samapatti, Nirvtarka”absorption without conceptualization, states of samadhi with and without subtle awareness the sutras, nirvicara smadhi, nirbija samadhi.

16th October – 6th Class: 2.1-2.11 (Sadhana Pada), the chapter on Practice. Theory and discussion about Kriya Yoga. The impediments or obstacles. Ignorance, ego, attachment, aversion, and the tendency to clinging to life and how to eliminate these Klesas.


For a binding booking, we need a deposit of €100 and to access the early bird, full payment needs to be done before the due date.

If you are not able to pay the full price at the moment, please contact us and we will find a good solution for you!

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