How do I get started learning Ashtanga Yoga?

We believe the best way to start is the traditional and safest way to get you introduce to this method. That is what we call “Mysore style” class.

What is a Mysore class?

We believe that yoga restores us to wholeness, reminding us that the mind and body are one entity, though modern life seems to divide them. This reconnection and alignment of goals, desires, well-being, awareness and presence is unique to the individual, which is why our teaching is entirely customized to your needs.

What does this mean?

Simply put, weekday practices are not group led classes. Instead, each student enters sometime between 7AM and 11AM. Teacher and assistants walk the room, giving customized poses and instruction. Everyone is at a different stage of their practice and does not practice in unison with one another. The room itself creates a unity through the recognition that everyone starts at a different place, and that is where they are met. Beginner or advanced are only notions of a binary world.

Getting Started

After unrolling your mat, we’ll talk through any physical issues or injuries and begin by teaching you the first set of poses. Unlike a “regular” class, we’ll move you along at your own pace. We’ll never force you into a pose you’re not ready for, and each day you come, we’ll continue to methodically build on the previous day’s work. Over time, the goal is for you to develop an independent practice that you can even do by yourself at home.

How long and how frequent should I practice?

You can expect to practice for 20-25 minutes on your first day, with sessions increasing up to one hour as you progress. This is a daily practice except for moon days and one rest day a week. If that’s not doable at the beginning, we recommend students practice at least three times a week. We believe it’s better to do it more frequently than rather one intense practice every now and then.

Why is Ashtanga practiced early in the morning?

The early practice leaves you available for a full day of personal or professional commitments with increased energy, clarity and calm. For those of you not used to getting up early give it try you might surprise yourself, it is something to be experienced.

I heard Ashtanga is a dynamic and difficult style of yoga?

On the contrary the Mysore self-practice class allows everyone to follow their own rhythm and advance at their own pace.

Why do have to repeat the same sequence of postures?

This practice keeps you honest and humble. The sequence is fixed but how we approach it each day is different because it is a transformative practice.