Stay with the Breath

Personal yoga practice in a community setting

This method is a dynamic and powerful practice that links breath with movement through a sequence of postures. This technique produces an internal heat which increases our perspiration detoxifying our body. This syncing of the breath with movement (vinyasa) leads our attention towards an introspective state becoming a moving meditation.

Ashtanga yoga is meditation in movement. Once you start developing a practice, it starts spreading into other aspects of daily life. A constant practice generates an increased mental focus, inner strength and brings calmness to the mind. It’s a practice that brings us to our inner self.

There is only one kind of success that really matters: the success of transforming ourselves, transforming our afflictions, fear, and anger. This is the kind of success, the kind of power, that will benefit us and others without causing any damage.” – THICH NHAT HANH

“Asana and Injuries in Ashtanga Yoga” by Matthew Vollmer

This book offers practical help for practitioners faced with sudden, or gradually increasing, difficulties. People are often shy, or unwilling to come to the studio when faced with significant challenges, and so don’t ask for advice about how to interpret or adapt their practice at these interesting moments. This is a book for people who […]

Yoga Sutra study group

Chanting & Philosophy course LIVE & ONLINE + recording + notes One monthly encounter during a six-months course to dive deep into the philosophy of yoga. We will learn to chant the Patanjali Yoga Sutra, as traditionally taught through Srutiparampara, and we will discuss its concepts on how to apply them to our practice, in [...]

Chanting the Yoga Sutras

An interview with M.A. Jayashree, PhD. Integral Yoga Magazine. Spring 2010, pp. 33-4. (Transcribed by A. Jamison, 17 April 2011.)   To hear Dr. Jayashree chant the Yoga Sutras in Sanskrit is to be transported to the time whet this great text was transmitted in the oral tradition. Her melodious voice, flawless pronunciation and classical […]


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