“Asana and Injuries in Ashtanga Yoga” by Matthew Vollmer

This book offers practical help for practitioners faced with sudden, or gradually increasing, difficulties. People are often shy, or unwilling to come to the studio when faced with significant challenges, and so don’t ask for advice about how to interpret or adapt their practice at these interesting moments. This is a book for people who had already become sufficiently involved with the practice to be prepared to trust the method and go with it in its full potential as yoga chikitsa, or yoga therapy. To reduce the confusion people often feel when faced with discomfort or injury, the book explains that this may happen from time to time in yoga āsana and looks at how to interpret and benefit from such challenges, to help provide us with rich material for self-development.

Matthew VollmerAsana and Injuries in Ashtanga Yoga by Matthew VollmerUPDATE: SOLD OUT! (but soon to be printed the second edition!)  

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